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Marketing is an art of communication and becomes meaningful only when it convinces a consumer. To convince we have to accustom the people to follow the brands that built with confidence. That starts with very psychological insights. First we find the facts that will kindle the greatest of ideas. Then our artisans starts sketching from planning, creative, media and technology to work together to create more convincing, relevant campaigns.

Digital Marketing Services

Get the best online marketing services in Madurai

We deliver affordable, innovative best digital marketing services through multiple digital platforms such as Social Media Marketing, Facebook Marketing , Linkedin Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Google Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Directory Listing, Classified Listing, Youtube Marketing, SMS Marketing, Creative Content Marketing and so on to meet the specific requirement of each clients.

Content Marketing

Your online content is the king which creates deep impact in the minds of your prospects and customers in terms of understanding, recognizing and trusting your brand. User centric content crafted with innovation and combined with Search Engine Optimization best practices ensures your site visibility that attracts and engages more customers. Our digital marketing services keep your brand ahead of the competition and convert your customers to take their desired action to fulfill their needs through professional quality digital content.

Creative Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

We offer an affordable SEO services in Madurai to facilitate local businesses to get to the top position in the Google search engine. Website page ranking plays an important role in maximizing the customers visit. For better ranking of your website apparently rely on powerful content with effective keywords and taking your customers needs to the search engines, social network and online news media. Through continuous process exhibit your brand to the right audience, at the right time, on the right channel to convert your audience into repeated business with our specialized SEO services.

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Search Engine Marketing

Through Pixel Oviyam’s Online advertising strategy, your brand can reach out beyond existing networks and locations to attract more audiences via search marketing and display marketing. By creating and distributing top quality Ad Campaign with strategic planning with analytical measurement and optimization


Re-Marketing / Re-Targeting

Remarketing is one of the marketing strategies to attract visitors to your website who may not have made immediate actions like making a purchase decision or sending a product or service enquiry. It allows you to place the targeted ads in front of a specific group of customers that had previously visited your website.

Our online marketing services are 100% result oriented!

Our online marketing services are 100% result oriented through which your business get more customers in a short span of time.

Social Media Marketing

Today running a business without social media pages is like riding a bike without helmet. Hence setting up a face book fan page, LinkedIn business profile, twitter business account, instagram business profile and creating YouTube channel has become mandatory to secure your business. Pixel Oviyam, with its innovative group of social media marketing artisans carefully craft your social media promotion with regular updates, interactive posts and creative campaigns to boost your sales.

Any brand success comes from the better understanding of your audience in social media. From the visitor’s engagement to conversion, the endless process may consolidate over weeks or months to gather information and sharing good stuff between the audiences.

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Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing title=

Email Marketing

If you are looking to expand your business through eye catching email marketing campaign as part of your digital marketing strategy. Our team of digital marketing professionals always ready to work along with you to deliver result oriented solutions at engaging, retaining customers.

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