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Now a day’s audience is searching their desired products and services in the popular search engines by entering key words or key phrases relevant to your business. SEO is the primary strategy to get your website information on the first page of search engines result page with a regular, systematic and innovative approach. In a single line, SEO is the inseparable part of any business website promotion.

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What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is an abbreviation for “Search Engine Optimization” which is the strategic process of getting visibility of your company website, local business page, personal blog and hot article on the first page of any popular search engines through normal search or organic search or free search through which you may get more traffic. To simply spoken, we consistently work on positioning your website on the first page of the Google or Bing or Yahoo search engines and make you noticed by the millions of users.

Why SEO is important for your business growth?

Everyone should admit that “Our life begins with the search and ends with the search”. We are optimizing our thoughts day by day to get a better position in our life. Is n’t it? Only then we can stand out from the crowd. So as it is applicable to your business growth.

We grow healthy only by eating the healthy foods all along. So that if you feed your website with healthy foods with the balanced vitamins and minerals like hot and variety rice of content, spicy essence of page title and description, tasty pickles of internal page links, little bit salt of optimized images and user experience with the eating process, Search engines like Google will definitely love your business page and keep your website on the first page forever.

How Pixel Oviyam uses Search Engine Optimization to bring your website on the first page of Google?

Get Top Rankings for your business keywords and generate more traffic and increase your sales.

Website checkup

Before executing the Search Engine Optimization, we do checkup your website completely and sketch the suitable plan for further enhancement.

Competitor Analysis

Everything has a competition in this world so as applicable to your products or services. We search for your equal and challenging competitors in your industry and list out their positive and negative aspect of SEO strategies.

Keyword Diagnosis

Keywords are nothing but a user’s search query or phrases. We derive user centric keywords through comprehensive research and develop a right strategy to implement in your website.

Quality Link Building

Another important factor in getting your website on the first page is to build a network of quality Back links outside of your website to stabilize your website rankings on SERPs.

On-Page Optimization

Without On-Page Optimization, it is not possible to get your website on the top position. So we re-structure your website search engine friendly and user-friendly through our result oriented on-page optimization techniques.

Off-Page Optimization

To retain the top position of your website in the search engine result pages, we deploy various off page SEO techniques.

Why choose Pixel Oviyam for Search Engine Optimization?

You have landed at the right SEO agency. As you read out our content, you can be assured that we are the unique and innovative SEO service provider in Madurai, India. Being the best digital marketing studio in India, We have comprehensive experience in SEO with creative artisans who has advanced SEO knowledge and practice that will ripe the fruit at the right time and we foster deep trust among our beloved clients by delivering the desired results on time. Being an SEO expert, we work closely with you as one of the invested partners. So, we care your every business operation to reflect on the popular search engines. We extend SEO Services for Small Business, SEO Services for Starups, SEO Services for Local Business, and SEO Services for Ecommerce Business with ultimate SEO strategies.

Our Important On-Page Search Engine Optimization activities

Get Top Rankings for your business keywords and generate more traffic and increase your sales.

Website Content

We scan you website content, whether it is text or visual, from top to bottom to ensure that it is relevant information to your visitor’s search requirement of product or service.

Page Title and Description

Your web page title is shown on the listing of the search results. So we need to write user-friendly page title and relevant to the page information. This may increase your page hits gradually in due course of time.

Link Building

To tell the Search Engines like Google that your website has quality resource, it is very important to build a network of quality backlinks as much as possible. Link building is one of the strategies of search engine optimization (SEO). A website with more quality backlinks result in ranking higher.

Image Optimization

If you want to get your webpage on the first page of Google, your webpage should load very quickly when compared to your competitors. To do so, we need to place the relevant images with proper alternate names and less files size.

Internal Links

We need to make user-friendly Internal Links in the webpage to facilitate your visitor’s user experience to navigate easily onto the desired topics. This SEO strategy will enhance your online presence.


Sitemap is architecture of your website content designed to facilitate both your visitors and search engines to navigate the entire website smoothly and easily. This simple strategy provides instructions to search engine crawl bots which help your webpage to be visible on the first page.

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